Can you add a field to the list of fields you choose to filter on a report? We use Gen Bus Posting Group to post an item journal to a inventory account on the G/L. I would like to call up a report to filter by the Gen Bus Posting Group.

Simply call up the report as normal, and in the tableitem related to that report, add a new line, choose with the Lookup the field you want to filter (Gen Bus Posting Group in your case) and enter the filter to apply. The only limitation is that in certain cases this tableitem view does not show up because all posible filters are predefined. Saludos Nils

Hi Saludos Nils Thank you for getting back to me. We have been doing what you sugested but what I would like to do is add the Gen Bus Posting Group to the fields we can choose from. Is this do able? Right now the Gen Bus Posting Group is not available to filter on only the Product Posting Group.

For that you need to change the report. Open the report in design mode, select the dataitem for which you want to add a filter, go to properties. Add the field you want to filter on to the property ReqFilterFields and save the report.

THank you PeterD. I will try that to day.