Reporting Services Error

Guys i am getting this error … please HELP !!!

Thanks in Advance.

What error and what are you doing? What version of AX?

Sorry, my USB crystal ball is broken… [;)]

@Martin, Hi i was trying to install EP & RC on AX 2009 and was succeeded but when i open AX and under HOME module dashboard doesn’t show me the pie-charts, KPI etc and is throwing an error that is

" Either cubes are not process or not configured"

However i did that as well, but still getting the same error …

I Have attached the image in above post but it is not shown :confused:

Much better! The message says that the problem is in OLAP cubes - did you configure and process them? Consult Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Configure the Default OLAP Cubes if needed.

Ya i have done that… I deploy all the reports and process the cube… but i got numbers of errors while processing them.

Then you have to solve all the errors regarding Cubes .then and onlly your errors will get disappeared.