I have created a report in Nav 2009 and I want it to appear under Reports> Financial Statement. Can anyone please advise how to do that?


Hi teena,

You add your report in Navion Pane designer.

You go to the Menu Suit and design the Navision Pane Desinger and your report where you like.


The report appears on the server side but not on RTC. Do you know why? I compiled and saved but it’s not appearing in the list.

Hi teena ,

Have u add the report in Page Menu Suit ,

Just do the below steps at the Navigation Pannal

2.Press Alt + F12

3.Go to the particuler menu (Financials->General Ledger->Reports->Financial Statement)

4.Right Click and select create item

7041.Fin.bmp (320 KB)

5.A new window wil be open

1401.Report.bmp (321 KB) Report as your Object Type

7.3Select your report ID Esc will ask you to save

10.Save and exit

Thats All


I followed your steps but the report appears on the server only and not on RTC. Is there a configuration that I am missing?

Hi Teena,

You need to take the correct Menusuite.

  • Go to Object Designer → Click on Menusuite tab
  • Check whether Dept - Company is created, if it is click on Design button
  • If there is no Dept - Company, create a new one; click on New button → Select RTC in the dropdown list → and select Company
  • Now you’re on Dept - Company Menusuite editor.
  • Add your object (Report) as per normal
  • Notice that there is one new option which is Department → put it to Reports and Analysis
  • 2502.New Setting in Dept.JPG
  • Don’t forget to save your Menusuite [;)]



It worked. Thank you so much. I am getting another error now.[:’(]

When I click on the report I get the error message:

“The supplied server name is not valid.”

Do you have an idea?