Report printting problem!!!

Hi everybody, I am having some urgent tasks that I can not handle by myselft. 1. Users want to print several invoices as they select muti records from the form CustInvoiceJour. Now it print to several different screens. So is there any way to print (to file/printer/file) many invoices at one time? 2. I tried to print a report (Currency report) directly to printer. This is my code: report = new Report(“Currency”); reportRun = new ReportRun(report); reportRun.query().interactive(false); reportRun.setTarget(PrintMedium::Printer);; reportRun.print(); But it still display the sysPrintForm. Can I print it “silently” to the printer using default printer? Please help. Khue Trinh

hi you can do it … see if you want to print silently to a file in the init method youcan use these code public void init() { super(); element.setTarget(printmedium::File); element.printJobSettings().fileName(“C:\Documents and Settings\Leeza.EXTORGINDIA\Desktop\test.txt”); } also set the interactive property of the report no try this out … i tried that and it worked when u give the path make sure to use double slashes thanks leeza