How can I print report to printer directly?

How can I print report to printer directly,instead of previewing then printing. I want to print my report directly to printer,how can I do this? Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean. But if you open a report, there will be a print dialog box where you can choose to print to a Printer, Print archive, File, Mail recipient or Screen. If your report uses RunbaseReport class, then you can click on the Options button which will open the Print dialog box.

In the report say for example you are printing a sales invoice, you say“Sales Invoice”,false,false,Salesheader), it wont give you the request form and directly print it to the default printer. Regards SB

Hi,Chee Kang Chong&Suresh Bhat Thank you all very much for your warmly help! I has solved it. In fact I mean that I create a report use X++, and want to print it to printer without print prompt/dialog a word,I want to prevent the prompt showing when I click button “Print”, because threre are many reports pring in this event. The code are followings: Args ArgList; ReportRun rptJobOrder; ; ArgList = new Args(reportStr(MyReport)); rptJobOrder = new ReportRun (ArgList);‘MyReport’); rptJobOrder.query().interactive(false); rptJobOrder.query().dataSourceNo(1).range(1).value(MyReport.FieldName); rptJobORder.args().parm(‘my parameters’); rptJobORder.setTarget(printMedium::Printer);;