Report fields Overlapping

Hi All,

I have a customized reports in ax 2009.

it is running fine and showing data in proper format on machine where server is installed.

But when i run it in different machines some fields are overlapping and report is not showing proper Data.

–hemang panchal

Could you please check if the default printer settings is same in both machines?


in both machine default printer is set to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

Is there any way to set parameters for general report printing from Ax?


– hemang panchal

Not sure if this is the case, but it happen to me that I had to delete rows in user usage data after a code change**.** See image bellow

Maybe there is a cache of data that don’t get updated. Hope this could help you

Thanks for reply,

I have deleted the usage data from the client machines.

Still the problem exists.

Does Ax reports use the screen resolution for printing?

because the only difference i found is resolutions are different on machines.

What about if you try to create a pdf…do you get the same result?


Maybe try with PDFCreator as a printer.


Sorry for late response.

If i generate Reports on my machine and generate pdf (or prints) Reports layouts are coming Properly.

But if i generate them on one of my client’s machine layout is not coming properly and some fields are getting overlapped.

I have also made a pdf creater as default printer too.Still problem exists.

Its hard to tell but maybe with a printscreen of the bad report, we could figured out what’s wrong.

Could you add a part of the printscreen in here , with this icon 8468.Sans titre.png, so I could really see what’s going on.