Ax Report to PDF Printing

Hi all,

Report layout is printing fine When i generate any ax report.

But when i print as a PDF file some values are not getting displayed.

When i move mouse on those invisible values/fields and select them and copy-paste to notepad, Values are Coming in notepad.

I have installed Adobe reader 9.1.0 and ax 2009 client in my machine.

Another user has the same version and client in his machine and he gets the proper print in PDF.

Once i reinstalled all my printers also.

Please help me regarding this behavior.


Hemang panchal

Hi Hemang,

Where you able to get a solution for this problem?




Please do below checks :

a) Check X controls are active or enabled, follow below steps

  1. Go to Start → Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs
  2. Remove ANYTHING with ‘Adobe’ in the name (e.g. Flash, Reader, Adobe CS, etc).
  3. Reinstall Adobe X
  4. Test the original PDF file in question to verify fonts are correctly showing. If not, you will have to uninstall Adobe X and re-install Adobe Reader and wait for a fix from Adobe.
  5. Reinstall any other Adobe programs that you may use.

b) You can use primopdf and make it a default so that it will open in pdf can download for free from

Thank you,




It seems to be a user data problem,go to Administration/User, user options button, Using datas, go to the last Tab “all using datas”, search all datas relative to your report name and delete it.

You can also you try to send your report to a pdf printer like pdfCreator instead of generating a pdf file.

Let me know if it solve your problem



you can use dopdf creator as printer to print in pdf format.


Yes i think it was a problem with Adobe reader. I uninstall adobe reader and install foxit reader and values are priniting correctly now.



I am also facing the same issue & installed FoxIt Reader & it is now printing correctly. But I’m facing issue when sending the PDF file in Email. In that i have 2 options - Print to File (values missing as you have), Print to Printer & select FoxIt. But how to set the file path for Foxit?

Typically in a real time business the software installations & configurations are build & taken care by Infrastructure teams. The configurations of all client machines have to be same, though there can be some situations like this and it needs to be escalated with a ticket back to your infrastructure teams, so they can rebuild the Operating system for you. It’s not a big deal for infrastructure team to rebuild it through an existing SYSPrep image that matches the configurations. That should solve the problem. If not ask for another system that meets the configurations.

To be clear, It is a problem with the PDF reader software on your machine and not with AX.

I have replied in other thread to use the
Save file Option, with the below Foxit Reader command options …
Foxit Reader.exe" /t “FileName” "\IPPrinterName
Were you able to get the problem solved with the printing ?

i,m facing the similar issue & installed foxit reader , nitro 7 and latest version of adobe but these probelm occurs every time . When we installed new pdf reader then firstly we uninstalled previous pdf reader then install new reader & restart ax services every time. But these probelm occuerd every time when we save report in pdf format. Print preview is fine but when we save report in pdf some values are not displayed.

sorry i’m using ax 2009.