Remove from report items with 0 quantity

Hello everyone,

I have a report that shows inventory by location and it works well except I do not want to show items without any inventory. Can some one please show me how to filter these out?

Here is my code.

IF grecItem.GET(“Item No.”) THEN BEGIN
gcodItemBaseUOM := Item.“Base Unit of Measure”;
lrecUOM.GET(grecInvSetup.“Standard Weight UOM”);
ldecQtyPerWeight := gcduUOMConstMgmt.jmGetConversionMultiComp(grecItem,lrecUOM,Company.Name);
gdecWeight := “Remaining Quantity” * ldecQtyPerWeight;
gdecTotalWeight := gdecTotalWeight + “Remaining Quantity” * ldecQtyPerWeight;
gcodItemBaseUOM := ‘’;

Nav 6.0

Use the CurrReport.SKIP method. You can find information about it in the C/SIDE Client Help Menu. It takes a boolean parameter that says whether or not the record should be processed.

Thank you Matt,

This did the trick.