How to filter Item No where Total fields is >0


I am working on classic report.

I have make a report where my Dataitem is Item Ledger Entry Table. After that I have taken some fields like

Item No, Description, Posting date and quantity on the section and Properties for dataitem is

DataItemTableView :=SORTING(Item No.) WHERE(Location Code=FILTER(QRTN))

ReqFilterFields := Item No

TotalFilds := Quantity

GroupTotalFields:= Item No

now my report is looking what i want

But now client don’t want that Item no which has total Quantity =0.

I don’t know how can i filter the Item No and on which trigger the code is written.

Pls help me about this

Thanks in advance


You need to take Quantity in variable and create total for the same and write code to skip the report for total qty is zero.

Is your report printing all the Item Leder Entries? Or just a single summary per item?

Thanks for your Reply

Actuallu I have a single summary per Item ,I mean my report group with Item No.

so I need the code for sum of qyantity for the particular Item,

Pls reply me fast,Thanks.

I am using classic


Hi Amol,

Thanks for your reply

can u give me the code because i don’t know how to sum all quantity for particular Item No.



To sum all quantity:

TotalQty := TotalQty + Quantiy;

To skip if sum = zero:

IF TotalQty = 0 THEN