Remote synchronisation in CRM

Hello I am sure many users will have come across the idea of the CRM package that is held on a server and installed on remote users laptops. Periodically all information from all sources is synchronised in both directions for an amalgamation of information. Packages like GoldMine, Act, Siebel and SalesLogix will do this as standard. So my question - has anyone attempted this scenario with Navisions relationship management? Any feedback will be very welcome!! [:D]

I too am looking for such a solution. One would think that it is standard on the entry level systems, it would be available on something as powerful as Navision.

Hi Sandy Whilst I sympathise with the issue, I can also understand why it does not do it, with the CRM products the information is captured inside the constraints of the applications purpose, in Navision CRM interacts with other areas, so when you synchronise what do you synchronise? It is just a much bigger job to do when the system you are trying to synchronise with handles your accounts, sales, purchases, inventory, service, manufacturing etc. Also we have Microsoft’s CRM around the corner - how will this interact with Navision, and will it kill off relationship management?