Remittance information provided in payment initiation message

Hey all,

after being unable to sign in in my old account and now having created a new one, i have a question about payments.

We edited a payment method due to bank specific needs. now i am unable to generate a payment file as the infolog states the following

“The remittance information must be provided in the payment initiation message. Settle the payment with an invoice for the voucher HbTb-XXX to generate the payment initiation message.”

Can anyone provide more information about this log? Where does it come from? What do i have to do? Do i have to edit some settings? Is there an error in the code?

unfortunately there is only one hit at search machines and this one does not help to my problem.

thanks in advance


This doesn’t seems to be a standard message/info. Is there a customization around it?

I have never had this Error but i think this comes from the European SEPA payments. and yes there is a customization to this (regarding the filling of the xml-tags) but not to this special error log.