Registering customer specific requirements on Sales Line

I wonder if theer is any better solution that could help us to solve following situation.

There are some customer specific requirements that we need to register with Sales Line, typically these are either from “Packing of the goods” or “Marking of the Goods” area.

So far Sales people use Sales Line comments which is more a workaround as ther is a pre-defined set of packaging types available to choose from and the same for marking.

So instead typing always the same text, it would be more apropriate to have some way of registering additional Customer Packing/ Marking requiremens…

Anyone solved similar within standard functionality or a modification is better way forward??

Hi ,

If you are not pleased with line comments, you will have to consider to develop something.

unfortunately no oob solution here.


What about using resources set up with cost = 0, in order to avoid any impact on chart of account?

Hi Daniele,

I’m not very familiar with Jobs/resources, we do not use these functionalities, but it seem more linked to Production execution… I do not see how to have the Resource allocated from Sales Line and passed down to Prod.Planning and Warehouse process…

Will take this up with our partner, this appears to be a mod request.