Allocating material to orders at PO receipt (new user - could really use some help)

We are getting close to going live on Business central and just ran into a potential roadblock. Can anyone tell me how you or how the system allocates material that is on back order?

For example, I have a sales order for 10pcs of an item that has no stock (or even not enough stock). I place a purchase order for that item, along with all the other items I need from that vendor. That material arrives at my warehouse and then… this is where the partner we chose to help us with implementation gets lost. They do not have a good suggestion on what to do next. Do you receive and put away product? If so, how do you know what belongs to the aforementioned order? Would it allocate automatically and show up on some kind of pick report?

I am getting no help and need to figure this out quickly. We are a small company with a simple process, we buy material and sell it, but sometimes material goes on back order when we are out of stock and we simply need to allocate to those orders when it arrives and ship it out…any help is greatly appreciated!

Do you use the Drop Shipment or Special Order functionality for it?

Requisition worksheet?

We do not have a defined process yet. We have been relying on our reseller to help us set one up and they have not been helpful with this one. Most of the product must come into our warehouse first, rather than drop ship. If we use the special order functionality, would we have to enter a separate line for the back order qty versus the ship qty?

Does the requisition worksheet come into play for telling us what to purchase?

I really appreciate you replying so quickly. Good to know there are people out there that know the system and are wiling to help.

0 question - do you plan to use the " Business central" in cloud or " Business central onPrem"?

1 question -

To help you to find the right way you need to write “more-less real business process” for this part

2 question -

I can write you need to use either “drop shipment” functionality only or item setup & Req. Worksheet window. The decision again - based on business process description (because I don’t know - do you want to wait for all goods and then ship or ship goods partially).

In any case, I advise you to read the information about both functionalities and make the decision (e.g. here - ).

Hi RJohnson - We are now in the same situation you were in when you added this post back in 2020. What was the solution you ended up with for this problem? Did you end up adding any custom code or was there an ISV that helped solve this for you? We are in our 4th month of being live on BC SaaS and are finding sales order that are stale because we didn’t know that backordered inventory arrives and those sales orders can now be fulfilled. The same is true for production orders that are waiting on parts before manufacturing can continue. I would love to hear how this turned out for you. Thanks! Teresa

The answer to this will largely depend on the level of sophistication you added to your environment. If you are in the simplest setup/process where you process everything on the Sales Order and Purchase Order, there won’t be system guidance on what to do.

If you have some of the warehousing functionality enabled you can use the Pick Worksheet to help guide you on what to Pick to fulfil your orders. This process will work for both Sales Orders and Production Orders (Manufacturing).

Essentially the system reviews the demand on your source documents, checks what inventory is available, then suggests the creation of Picks to fulfil those orders.

Again, this does require some of the warehousing capabilities to be turned on, so you’ll want to make sure you have defined the processes and who (what User(s)) will be responsible for completing those processes.

Hope this helps.