Published V2 Extension Online in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Sandbox but not showing our Customize extension part ?

Hi Expert ,

I have converted my Old V1 Extension using Command .Please check attached document. Follow the below process to create the package file using Visual Studio Code :

  1. Create a new project. For this
  • Ctrl + Shift + P and type >AL: Go and rename the project (DynamicsBC).

  • Go enter and select Microsoft Cloud Sandbox. Now the other window open asking for id and password for authentication (Provided business central cloud Sandbox credentials).

  • HelloWorld.AL file generated by default. Where a default code was found for ‘Helo world message’ for Customer List Page.

  • I am little bit confuse in ‘Launch.Json’ file what need to be changed for me as our extension is modified Customer /Item/SalesOrder/Contact/Ship-to Address/Contact Alt. Address Card pages.

  • I am not clear how to linked Launch.json and *.al files.

  • Added my all converted AL files in this project .

  • Changes value of “idRanges”: [{“from”: 33064461,“to”: 33064500}] in app.json file.

  • Changes the publisher name ‘Insync Tech-Fine Solution Ltd.’’

  • Type Ctrl + Shift + B . Package is created.

  • Upload the extension in Dynamics 365 BC cloud.

  • Deploy/installed successfully.

  • When i open customer list page hello world message is showing. When i open a customer there should be showing my customize part( but no customize part showing and no error .

  • Please suggest how to include my Extension AL files in this project and configured with app.json . So that my extension part will be viewed in Dynamics 365 BC.

Command for V1 to V2 Extension .docx (156 KB) (484 Bytes)

Launch.Json.txt (340 Bytes)

App.json.txt (568 Bytes)

You are missing a tenant ID. Set “tenant” property in the configuration section of your launch.js. Use F5 to publish to sandbox.

Hi Priank ,

Thanks for your reply .As per your suggestion i have set tenant in launch.json file . And publish in Sandbox but not showing my custompages in CustomerCard base page.

i am confuse in below line of launch.json what should be value for me as i have multiple new tables and multiple new pages / customize base pages / New CodeUnit / New XMLPort :

“startupObjectId”: 22,
“startupObjectType”: “Page”


Surajit Kundu

I believe you’re missing ApplicationArea = ALL in your part definition. Please check out this link.

Hi Priyank ,

After adding that part same issue .Please check the below image where you can see my custom new and custom base objects list .I have one query how to execute AL files in orderby as i have not set any sorting for AL files. As per my understanding table objects should be execute 1st then page should be execute.

We don’t need to bother about order of execution for AL files. As I’m not familiar with subpages, can’t really figure out what the issue is.

Problem solved when i am creating extension with 55000 range .Custom pages are showing in base pages.