Projects - Posting Estimates


We are using AX 2012 R2. I have a question about posting Estimations

In the Project groups, i have created a group “FP” which has the following setup

Under Journalising all are P&L

Under Invoicing, On-account invoicing is Balance

Revenue recognition principle is Completed percentage

Matching principle is Sales Value

I posted some Expenses and an Invoice

For the Invoice, it

Debited the Customer and

Credited the Account which i had mentioned in the “Project-WIP invoiced- on account”

Upto here i am OK

Later i did post an estimation

System posted a new entry

Debiting Project - WIP - sales value

Crediting Project - accrued revenue - sales value

What I was expecting, System would

Debit Project-WIP invoiced- on account

Credit Revenue account which I had mentioned under Invoiced Revenue

Please share your views


Thomas Philipose