Project Management

Does Navision able to integrate with Microsoft Project into Job Budget? The user may define the project schedule, resources and inventory in the Microsoft Project for monitoring purpose. Thanks

This a piece of development that we were going to think about for one of our customers but the project never got started. You certainly can’t do it in the standard system - I would imagine that a development solution would not be a simple task given the complexities of Project and the restrictions imposed by the Navison job budgets…

There is no intergration in standard. But there are NSCs in germany that provide that integration as a Addon. Contact for such a solution. And there are solutions with another product. I think it’s called VarChart by - that’s an ActiveX-control for XGant-diagrams. There you also have a project-like screen to plan your projects and that integrates with Navision. and do have integration-solutions with VarChart. Maybe some others too, because that Control is also used for manufacturing.

Thanks richard… may i know which navision version is integrate with?