Integration with budgetting tools

Does anyone know of integration between Navision and budgetting tools such as SAS or Hyperion (or the like)? Integration must preferably consist of a two way data exchange.

Try using NAS+MSMQ+XML,they can collaborate to form 2 way data exchange… i have plenty own made codes to handle such integration. Please contact me.

Thank you for your reply. However, my problem is, since I have no knowledge of SAS or Hyperion whatsoever, I am looking for an integation that has already been made so that I don’t have to figure things out myself.

Paul, I can’t come up with a build solution though I can tell you about the integration they had at a company I worked a couple of years ago… They loaded their data corporate wide into Hyperion and it consisted basically of a simple report that created a plain txt file that got loaded into Hyperion. Depending on the number of loads (usually it’s just month end) I think a kind of batch process might be easier to develop and less costly than an online solution with NAS and XML. Just an idea, XBRL in the new versions of Navision might come in handy, have a look at it. Best regards. Nils

Thanks Nils, Do you know if the reworked data was sent back to Navision (and used Navision Budgets)?