Problem: GroupTotalFields does not show correct data

I need help with grouping

My company uses pallet tracking, and we frequently make adjustments to our output entries for date, quantity, and product corrections (those of you who don’t have the “Pallet Ledger Entry” and “Pallet Journal” cards, it’s similar to using the “Item Ledger Entry” and “Item Journal”). As a result, the ledger looks a lot like this:

Entry No. Item No. Posting Date Prod. Order No. Entry Type Pallet ID Lot No. Quantity (Base)
17478 F5202-01 8/12/2007 PR000027 Output 442601 7F5223 1
18291 F5202-01 8/12/2007 PR000027 Negative Adjmt. 442601 7F5223 -1
18335 F5202-01 8/11/2007 PR000027 Positive Adjmt. 442601 7F5223 1

I have a corresponding custom report which is supposed to group the entries, leaving me with only the correct date, item, and quantity. I used to help create the grouping, but I still have problems. Here’s what the report INCORRECTLY prints:

Item No. Posting Date Prod. Order No. Pallet ID Lot No. Quantity (Base)
F5202-01 8/12/2007 PR000027 442601 7F5223 1

As you can see, the date is wrong. The report is set up as follows:

DataItem Name DataItemIndent
Company Information 0
Production Order 0
Pallet Ledger Entry 1
Integer 2
Item 2
Item Variant 2

The data prints from the Integer footer.

Anyone got ideas?

Aright, discovered my problem - I was filtering out all but OUTPUT type entries.

Additionally, I didn’t need the Integer table - using the groupfooter for the Pallet Ledger Entry worked just fine.