Reporting: transheaders not working?

I have a report which has the following sections:

Production order header

Production order transheader

Item ledger entry header

item ledger entry transheader

item ledger entry groupfooter

item ledger entry footer

production order footer

When i go to preview the report, I have a unique situation in which the item ledger entry groupfooter has just ended its last printing at the bottom of page 1. At the top of page 2, I would expect that the transheaders would print, and then teh item ledger entry footer. HOWEVER, none of the transheaders show up.

How do I fix this? All other pages print fine.

Did you find an answer to your question?

Do you mean there is one? [:^)]

There’s always SOME answer, but probably a better way of doing things. We’ve had a lot of stuff happen since last time I’ve come to the forum, and since then this report has changed dramatically, although it’s still facing problems, but now they are different.

Are the Pallet Ledger Entry and Item Ledger Entry tables common among NAV builds? If not I’ll try to provide enough detail so you guys can join with my current hair-pulling session of creating this report:

the report is intended to display pallet output sorted by lot number.

My heirarchy is as follows:

  • Integer (displays company info)

  • Item Ledger Entry

  • Pallet Ledger Entry

  • Item

The item ledger entry allows me to use the lot number to help sort the pallet ledger entry. GroupTotalFields is set to Lot No.

The pallet ledger entry has the majority of the information I need - lot numbers, pallet numbers, dates, locations, quantities, etc. I’ve set it to grouptotalfields by pallet id, which lets me sum up the possible adjustments that were made to a single pallet (positive adjustments, negative adjustments, and output). the pallet ledger entry links to the item ledger entry by lot no, item no, prod. order no., and document no.

The Item table lets me use some extended naming descriptions for the pallet’s item.

In the section designer, I use the item ledger entry groupheader to display the lot number, then use the pallet ledger entry groupfooter to show all the pallet detail (there’s other sections, but not important right now).

When the report runs, it prints the following:

  1. the lot number

  2. Begins printing the pallets in numerical order, skipping pallets that contain a different item number (this is fine, but I didn’t tell it to sort the items like that)

  3. finishes printing, then repeats the same printing in step 2

  4. prints the skipped pallets

How do I get it to only print once through? The skipped pallets only print once.