Printing Report via Web Service

I want to print a report at the end of the day using Web Services. So, I created a Codeunit with a function that calls this report and published it. In the Printer Selection, a default printer for this report is specified and following properties are set in the report- ShowPrintStatus=No, UseReqForm=No, UseSystemPrinter=Yes.

When I call the Web Service using C# routine, I get the following error “Callback functions are not allowed”.

I feel like we cannot print a report via Web Service even after suppressing the RequestForm. Is that true? Or, is there a way to do it?

Additional Info:

  1. If I call a Processing Only report then, I don’t get this error.


Have a look at this

You will need to use the saveaspdf function

This error generally occurs because the web service has accessed other application code that requires interaction with a client, such as a call to a client-side COM object.

To resolve this error, make sure that the web service call does not call code that requires interaction with a client, or modify your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to allow data to be inserted or modified without such interactions.

Thank you for this valuable hint!

I run into the same problem. And it really seems that we cannot use the same reports for user and webservice. → copy paste

change to “processing only”…