Call Report from webservic

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I want to run a report from web service. But when I call the function which calls report I am getting this error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services attempted to issue a client callback (Report - 406). Client callbacks are not supported on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services.


I am setting second parameter to false in order to disable showing of request page,
so to avoid client interaction , but I still get the error. I don’t need to show print layout only to print directly to the printer.

What can be the problem , Is there any procedure how to run report from web service
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the error with client callback means, that there is called a message, error, confirm command or like that in the report. that is not allowed, when calling through a web service.

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yes but it is nothing lie that in reported, everything is removed. Is it possible to be REPORT.RUNMODAL problem(request page is disabled to show). Is there some other way for simple call of a report from web service?

try to run the report not directly in the web service function, but calling in a codeunit and then calling that codeunit in the web service function.

also follow "

also check if a message, error or confirm command is called in that report, when running.



you can also try following:

create a new table “Print Queue”

When you call your web service, do not try to run the report, but create a new entry in the new table “Print Queue”.

Create a Job Queue Entry, which runs a codeunit. This codeunit should do following: read the entries from table “Print Queue” and run the reports according to the entries. Run the job queue. So you have an asynchronous process with no direct call of