Print Multiple Document

I’m printing a report on a pre-printed paper and when I print a single document, it prints fine.

Means it print every thing well against every pre- printed Caption.

But Problem arises when I try to print multiple documents.

What Printer is doing that is it print First document well, and snatching some part from the next pre- printed page (Page No 2) and than print and every thing going wrong.

What can I do to resolve this problem??[:’(]

I’m quite sure your report has a design problem, no special configuration is needed for multiple document reports.

Maybe talking about “snatched parts” you want to describe that a section is not printed on every document, therefore you must check the properties “PrintOnEveryPage”. If the problem is on incorrect data displayed, check the SourceExpr of your text-boxes and assure they display table fields and not variables calculated manually, for example.

Please describe more the real problem.
Good luck