how to print three different report in single window?

Hi Everyone,

At one point there are three different reports are printing one after other. So my client donot want to go to each report and give the print three times. they want these three reports should print one after other in a single window. that means suppose the 1st report prints for 2 pages the 2nd report should continue from 3rd page and the 3rd report should print at the end of 2nd one.

Note : these reports are having different data source and design.

if any one having idea on this, i will appreciate heartily.

thanks in advance


Hi all,

Idid not get any answer form any one but some how i manage to do this.

  1. we need to create a new design for this .

  2. in the fetch method after execution of 1st design before super we need to write;element.newpage();

  3. then send the data