PO confirmation standard report has customized design which needs to show to the users

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a new design on the standard PO confirmation report which needs to show to the users.

  • I’ve tried changing the report name on the class: “PurchPurchaseOrderController”->method: main
controller.initArgs(_args, ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, ReportCustomized));

and method: newDataContract

formLetterController.initDataContract(_args, ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, ReportCustomized));

but it didnt worked.

  • I’ve tried adding the code on the table PrintMgmtReportFormat->method: Populate
addOther(PrintMgmtDocumentType::PurchaseOrderConfirmationRequest, ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, ReportGT), ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, ReportGT), #NoCountryRegionId);
then when I tried to change the document type on Procurement & sourcing->Form setup, it didnt show the above added design.

Please help guys…

As per your code it won’t work, there are few more places like print-management you have to do the same.

Easiest way is, do the following in Visual Studio

1.Duplicate the Original Report Design name (Report) and name it as OldBack
2. Rename your new design (ReportCustomized) as Report.
3. Deploy.
4. Replace your code ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, ReportCustomized)) as ssrsReportStr(PurchPurchaseOrder, Report))

Thanks Saad, great trick…