AX 2012 SSRS Report issue

Hi Friends,

I am working on PurchPurchaseOrder report and I am facing following few issues when working on this.

  1. If I am creating new design in existing SSRS report then it is picking only the previous design, after compilation and AOS restart.

  2. If I am creating new report with RDP(Report Data Provider) just like the std SSRS report(PurchPurchaseOrder) then data is not coming on the report. If in visual studio I am passing parameters(recId) and doing preview then that’s working.

Please suggest on this if you have any idea …


Generate CIL, I hope this will resolve your data problem too.

@ Vishal. There is bug in AX 2012 for SSRS report. You have to call job on your menu item and you need to pass report design name then it will show the report.

Hi Parag,

I too am having hard time to create a design the PurchPurchaseOrder Report ax 2012 .

I would be highly thankful to you if mail me the .XPO for this report including the layout.

I am stuck on this issue from 2 weeks.


Vikas Mehta.


There is one setup in AP—>Setup—>Form Setup—>Print management and under purchase Order
here you have to specify new report name/design which you want to open
It will open the report name which you specify under Report Format

Report Format has to be specified under PrintMgmtReportFormat Table
Create a record directly in this table with new report name and you will get a new report

this setup is company specific.

Hi Kedarnath,

In my case, I have two different report designs. Based on purchase type i need to locate the different report designs. For example, if my purchase type is “purchase order” i need to show the report design 1 and if my purchase type is “returned order”, i need to show the report design 2 from the same copy/original product receipt button.

How to do that? any idea? Is that can be done through SSRS controller classes?#### Regards,#### Zahir

Hi Zahir,

Yes we can call different design from controller class

please check class of custAgingReport but in case of Purchase Order report it will be a bit time consuming to call different design why don’t you write hidden expression on design which you can toggle using your value/parameter if the design is not too complex

Hi Kedar,

Thanks for your reply.

In CustAgingReport, it has parmeter to pass in it based on contract.

But in my case, i need to call the report without any dialog inputs and only based on the purchasetype, the designs should be picked automatically, once i select print/preview ->copy/original button from product receipt menu button to display the different designs and no parameter passing at run time.

How it can be done?



Hi Zahir,

Have you found any solution for this?

Even I have the same scenario but it is not changing the format when I am trying to update the report name in controller class.

Any idea?


Faisal Raja J

Hi Zahir,

You can debug this class and method to override existing code as per your condition, class name is : Class: FormLetterReport, method :loadPrintSettings.


Vijay Grandhi.