Permissions in Axapta

Hi everyone, I’m dealing with some questions about permissions in axapta. I want to grant permissions for users on the basis of the “main menu” (user groups → permissions → view = main menu). When i grant the permission of “full control” to a menu-item, i would think that the user could see and use that menu-item. That’s not the case, because there’s a button i have to push that set’s permissions to other related menu-items. When that button is clicked, the user can finally see and use the menu-item. But other related menu-items are now also granted “full control”. I should think that the user also could see and use these menu-items. But that’s again not always the case. Some related menu-items are visible, but can not be used (no permission). Is this a normal way of working? How does this work with you? Do you have documentation that explains this, because i didn’t find it anywhere? Any help that clearifies permissions is welcome! Thanks! Regards, Michel