User Permissions and Menu settings

We are currently in the process of upgrading 2.5 to v3 sp3. In our 2.5 release we had configured user permissions (what a headache) and menu settings by user group. Much easier to do this in v3, except where we had configured screens (reorganising field order and hiding inappropriate fields). Apparently we cannot now do this by user group only by user. We had 5 groups for 80 users and therefore this has become a much bigger more painful task. Also where we have created our own menu with for instance items, customer, project orders etc all together most users could only see this one menu tab. In v3 we have created something similar but instead of only seeing the one menu we also get all the other menu tabs displayed that the functions originally came from. We do not have the most intelligent users and this will just cause loads of confusion. Does anyone have any ideas how we can overcome this? Or where I could download some resource that might help us fully understand this overly complicated area. We feel that this is a backward step in upgrading to version 3.

Hi John, A new feature in ver 3.0 is Record Level Security module. This particular module is not part of the standard package. You can read about this to some extent in Developer’s guide and also in the document that comes along with ver 3.0 CD in detail. Alternatively this document can be downloaded from Documentation library in Axapta Technet website. Also please note that the feature key functionality in ver 2.5 is replaced with configuration and security keys in ver 3.0. Again you can find more info in the document mentioned above. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks Harish. Now for the daft question where do I find the Axapta Technet website?

Hi John, It is available at To enter Technet, you have to register (free). However, documentation library (under Resources menu ) can be accessed without registration. In any case, herewith I have enclosed a doc titled “Configuration and security in Navision Axapta 3.0”. Hope this would give you some idea on security in Ver 3.0. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu
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Thank you very much Harish, you are a gentleman and a scholar…

Hi Just wanted to add the the Technet site is not maintained anymore (except the discussion forum). Any new documents are only available from PartnerSource (you have to be a partner to access it).

Hi, Remember, when looking at user permissions it is possible to draw the permission structure in many ways. When looking in Security order, the tree is drawn by security key order down to the menu item level. Going deeper it continues to table/field-level. When looking things in MainMenu order yo see everything in the order it looks in axapta. To understand the model, you should play a while with security keys: Create one paren keyt and some chldren to it. Then look at UserGroupPermisions again! Find out which nodes in the the aot gets rights via security keys. Now it’s easy to get rid of those phantom menus. Once you have found out how to restrict user from modifying her start menu and default company in the UserOptionsFrom you understand almost everything about the security system. Please remember that disabling access to elements of the user interface does not restrict indirect acces to data t.ex reporting and going to main table. That’s why you sholud restrict access to critical data in Tables-node of every module. The defaults are set up when cascade button is pressed, but . . . You can use the Cascade-button when you start working with a new group. Áfter you have done some detail-settings, please dont press it because it resets them removing invidual settings below the active node! If you use domains, you can easily set users and groups so that ‘local domain admins’ see only their permissiongroups and users - even in online users from! br,

Hi John, On the subject of user menu’s - I can’t seem to replicate your problem. When adding features from different modules to my new menu, I just maintain the one tab. Perhaps you could give a little more detail. With the forms, the setup does work differently from 2.5 but you should still be able to achieve the same end goal. Have you tried using the ‘Retrieve from user’ option on the form setup. If you log in as admin (or any user actually) and set the form as you wish, then save it as a name for group1, then change it and save it as group2 etc. You should then be able to log in as a user and retrieve the settings from the admin user. I agree you have to do this for each user but it is only a one off job to retieve the settings, there is no need to redesign the form for every user. Hope this helps.