PDF format from RTC Report

Is there an issue in saving as PDF in RTC Report? When the report is previewed in classic and rtc report, the report is okay. But when I save it as Acrobat (PDF) File the result is in every other page. And when I save it in excel, the result is fine. In short, it is good in classic report, rtc (rdlc) report, and excel file except the one saved in PDF. What might be the reason? any suggestion please?

Your response is much appreciated.


Did you try by printing the Report? you will get same result as PDF. the reports width must have increased more than 21cms including left and right margins…

Hi Mohana,

You’re right! Thank you for the idea. I have > 26 cm in my width of the body in my report. I already adjust the size. Thanks! The report is now okay.