payment terms

can we make payment terms to divide the amount in percentage? ex an invoice is for 100,000

I want to receive the payment in 3 terms,

1-after a week 40% payment

2-after next week 35%

3-after next week 25%

You can try to use the payment schedule and insert 3 lines of payment with the percentage.

Thanks Ilenia for your reply

.please explain the way in which i can insert three lines

I have put the paym by to “specified” and the period unit in “days”.

Then in the grid Paym Lines I insered 3 lines with the days in the Qty and the Percentage in the Value.


am unable to understand you Ilenia.Plz explain in some detail.


You have to insert a new payment schedule and with the setting that I wrote.

Then you set this schedule to the term of payment that you use.

Thanks alot works perfectly

thanks again