Complex vendor payment terms

We have a vendor with unique payment terms: 1% 10TH & 25TH NET 30. For invoices dated between 1-10 need to be paid by the 25th to take the 1% discount, and invoices dated between the 11-EOM need to be paid by the 10th to take the 1% discount. We are on the latest version of SaaS Business Central.

I’m trying to come up with a date formula that will work but have not had any luck. In previous posts, responses to identical questions have simply stated that it’s possible to do this in BC without custom code, but don’t provide insight on how to accomplish this. I know you can specify a day of the month an invoice would be due by using D10 or D25 (day 10 or day 25 of the month), but since you can only have 1 payment term on a vendor card, I’m not sure how to combine these to make one. Any thoughts/recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!