Setting up Payment Terms / Payment due date in Dynamics Ax 2009

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Our customer has a scenario where the Invoice Payment due date should be covered as follows :

  • If the invoice is created between 6-15 the day of the month then the payment due date should be on 25th day of the month

  • If invoice is created between 16-25 day of the month then the payment date should be on 5th day of next month

  • If the invoice is created between 26 th day of current month to 5th of next month the the payment dure date should be on 15th of next month.

I tried to look at the Payment days but not sure how to achieve the above scenarion.

Can you please help me on this ? Thanks in advance,



What we can infer is the payment terms are rolling 19 days. create 3 payment terms and set a payment day with all 3. At the time of creating the invoice you have to change the payment terms and the due date will be calculated by the system. i have not tested it, let me know of the results as well.

Definition for Payment Days:

Select a payment day to use to calculate the due date. The due date is always rounded up to the nearest specified date. The payment day can be specified for a specific day in the week, or for a specific day in the month.

Thank you. It worked. I created one Payment Term with Net 10 Days and selected a Payment Day 5 15 25 which constitutes three payment days 5 15 25 (month). The System figured out which payment Day should be picked.


Hi Shankar,

i execute the same method which you have used in the date calculation but it is not working the way you asked in the question.

i also created 5,15,25 as payment days and in payment term i have linked this payment days.

now when i make invoice from 1 of day to day 5 it is considering due date as 5 of the same month,

if i select date as 6 to 15 of the current month then it take due date as 15 of the same month,

if i select date as 26 of current to 5 of next month then it takes 5 of the next month,

can you please assist me how you achieve the same so i can also implement the same in my system.

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I forgot about this but did you set the Payment Method , days to be 10 days …

try that so that it would calculate the due date after 10 days

yes i have set the payment method,

but payment method do not have any link with this.

can you please check and let me know about that please.

thanks & regards

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So you set payment Method to be Net and days to be 10 … The payment Day would be the one you already created which has three payment days 5.,15 and 25. This should work. Can you come to gmail chat if you need more info.

Please give me your gmail ID.

thanks & regards.

I have a similar issue, my terms are 1% 10 & 25 Net 30. So, if it is dated 1-15 is due 25th, if 16-EOM it’s due 10th of the following month. I have played around with days but can’t get it quite right. Any suggestions on how I should set it up?

What is not working ?

ok. I think you might not have created a new payment date. lets say create a new payment Date 1-10-25 and under Payment Day Lines give 1,10,25 as three entries. Then select that in the payment term selection. Let me know if you have problems.