Open other Form when i Double Clicked

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As I mentioned subject, I want to open another form when I double-clicked to row the grid. How can i do this situation

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What kind of form is it? Will the grid be used for data editing? If so, how do you imagine these two features working together?
Why don’t you simply use a navigation link? Why double-clicking a row is better than single-clicking a link?

First Answer: Form Template : None
Design Style : Auto
Second Answer : No, I won’t use to grid for data editing.
Third Answer : Not I think so, therefore i didn’t imagine
Forth Answer : Obviously, I do not know what navigation link. But I will research.
Fifth Answer : It has to be like double-click. Because, customer request

Such a behavior is used in standard AX on list pages, therefore consider turning your form into a list page. Look at Sales and Marketing > Common > Customers > All customers, for instance.

When you’re there, look also at link in the preview pane (on the bottom). For example, you can click the value of Delivery terms to get navigated to details.

Regarding implementation of the double-click action in grid, make sure its set not to be editable and then use DefaultAction property to point to a button executing the action (e.g. a menu item button opening a form). Note that the button can be hidden, if it doesn’t make sense to use it directly.

By the way, “customer request” isn’t a valid argument. Customers usually aren’t software architects with experience in designing Dynamics AX solutions. It’s the responsibility of implementation partners to turn customers functional requirements into technical design that makes sense in the world of Dynamics AX, can work together with other logic, take into account all things like UX, maintainability, performance, security and so on and so on.