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Hi , Is it possible to do something means opening a new screen or some thing when i Double click in Sales Lines (Sales Order or Sales Invoice).We know it is a Editable form.Does any one have any idea about this.Please help me. Thanks

There are mo Developer definable mouse trigers in Navision unlike other Development Packages. There is a trigger for Double Click in forms like Customer Ledger Entries which makes Discount Due Date and Amount Editable on Double Click, but is is a reserved trigger for Navision. So they are there, but hidden by Navision who only show a subset of events they think we need. So we are limited to a few Trigger events. You can put C/AL Code in the OnAssistEdit trigger to bring up a form or execute some code, this is not as good as a Double click but could be used. If you let us know a clearer senario of what you are trying to achive we may have some Idea’s. Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Mr.David, Thanks for your reply.

Hi mohan, try that … … first you create a command-button and place your double-click-code in the OnPush-Trigger of this command-button. Then change the property “Default” of this command-button to “Yes”. Next you place this command-button UNDER your form. You have to do this in the SubForm ! Now you can’t see you button. But when double-clicking your form, you get your trigger in the button fired. Nice trick, he ? Greetings to egypt, Richard

hi richard, It’s such a nice trick,i didn’t check it out,what ever it may be i liked your tricky Idea. thank U very much.

Be aware that the code under the “Default” button will also be activated when the user presses . Anyone who uses instead of to move from field to field will not like this.

Hi bob, What you said is true,if the user use the Enter button to move the cursor then it won’t be useful,If you have any idea , please help me. Thank U bob

Hi David, One of my client wants like this,If yor are in a BOM,the components may also have the BOMs,If You double click the item which is BOM then it has to Explode,our client wants the BOM structure like Windos Explorer.I hope you have understand my problem.Does any one has solution to solve this Problem.Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi Mohan you will have to code the explosion of muiltiple levels of the BOM If you want a tree view which Navision does not support look at the free treeview object from I have not evaluated the object but have I had a quick look at it, it seems to allow you to expand the sections! As in multiple BOM Levels the same Item may appear as a component of several BOMs You will need a new table with the BOM Elements in Key “Parent Item No.”,“Line No.” Fields “Parent Item No.”,“Line No.”,“BOM Item No.”,“BOM Description”,“BOM Level” You will need a CodeUnit to Manage the BOMs and keep this Table updated / refreshed. Then a New form to Show the Table using the "BOM Level Like the Chart of Accounts Indentation You wont be able to expand Sections as the Treeview but the Different BOMs will be visible Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: