ODBC: Any access to tables with names longer then 32 characters

Hi, i have a problem with the ODBC Connection. My programm doesn’t show and/or let me access to NAV Tables if there name is longer then 32 Characters. Does anybody know if there is some feature like the “converting identifiers” which “shrinks” the tables name and let me connect? Did you ever had this problem with your application and how did you solved it?

Thank you

Hi Alexander,

The maximum table name size, when created in Nav is 30 characters - how do you have ones with > 32 ?


sorry you are absolutely right! I missunderstood my colleague, he tried to access via ODBC the SQL Server and there he has the tablename with the company name as a prefix. So in this case he got “tablenames” with more than 32 characters.

Thank you for waking me up[:$]

Glad to Help [:D]