NTimer.dll question

the ntimer.dll has two events: myTimer::Timer(Milliseconds : Integer); myTimer::TimerError(ErrorString : Text[1024]); when, the hell, is the error-event fired ?

Set SingleInstance = Yes on You codeunit and put the code below in the OnRun Trigger. This will cause the NTimer::Timer to fire once a minute NTimer.Interval := 60000; NTimer.Enabled := TRUE; Typically You use NAS and call this codeunit from NASHandler in codeunit 1

thx but my question is in which situation the error-event will be fired ? maybe when their is a overflow in the milliseconds-variable ?

TimerError is fired when Navision error occur, this prevent NAS from crashing down. In TimerError triger you can handling errors, like write Error message to log file. BY