No Income Statement and Journal Reports, WHT Posting Group Setup in NAV 2013

Hi All,

Just wondering whether anyone can tell me why there is no Income Statement and Journal report in NAV 2013. Or if it has been renamed or incorporated in another report because in NAV 2009, there are reports like this.

Report IDs in NAV 2009 that is missing in NAV 2013

28025 - Income Statement

28161 - Journals

Also, the WHT Posting Group Setup is also missing in NAV 2013.


May I know which country database are you using in NAV2009?

and where did you download NAv2013?

We are using the Philippine db in NAV 2009 and we have downloaded a NAV 2013 Beta - US Version. Currently, there is no available Philippine version for this.

And thank you, maybe that is the reason why we cannot see some of these reports and setup.

But i would just like to ask if this NAV 2013 beta could be ready for implementation already?

If you need to use localization functionalities then you have to wait until NAV2013 release for your country…

Yes, thank you very much.

Welcome [:)]