New name for MBS products revealed!

Hi It’s now been revealed: the new name for MBS products will be: Microsoft Dynamics plus an abbreviation of the product type (AX for Axapta, NAV for Navision) So, there will be: Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics NAV etc… Look here for a good link:

This is way out - I saw in the national newspapers here. So much way out! Are they trying to scare away their customers and destroy some well worked up brands?

Yes, thats Microsoft, the Marketing Machine! They are even doing this without telling it to the complete partner network! Anyway, it is our future so I guess we’ll have to get used to it. Regards, Mark

The link is just to a blog, does anyone have any actual evidence that these new names are real?

It is also on PartnerSource It does not tell anything about the abbreviation thing. But It will come. Regards, Mark

I think I have figured it out. The name Microsoft Business Solutions will be Microsoft Dynamics. Navision remains Navision Axapta remains Axapta. Etc. So noting changes ! Or am I wrong??

For now it is just rebranding as i read it - with a view to going to one product - Best of Breed - Microsoft Dynamics Is it weird to see that CRM Will be Microsoft Dynamics CRM - seperate from Microsoft Dynamics (Axapter,Navision,Great plains,Soloman - Best of Breed) ?? So Navision Damgaard Navision/Navision Damgaard Navision Attain Microsoft Business Solutions Navision Microsoft Dynamics NAV The King is dead long live the king.


Microsoft CRM becomes Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains becomes Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta® becomes Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision becomes Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Business Solutions-Solomon becomes Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Why? It makes it easier for customers to know what Microsoft is offering. Not my words, but Microsoft’s. So at least it will make it easier for the customers, I mean the old way was so confusing and they have really cleared up the confusion for me. [:D]

GP, AX, NAV, SL? Did we really need any more acronyms in an already acronym-driven industry? This change really turns me - a customer - down.

Who cares…I never liked that mouthful of “Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision”. With every server or client setup i changed the install folder to …\Navision. So do yourself a favor and cut off “Microsoft Dynamics”, don’t use NAV but only use Navision.

Hi, I think this is the first logical step Microsoft have made in there marketing program. As I can see in one or two year prospects will not be able to distinguish between products by looking at the screen on presentation. The difference between technologies of the products will narrow dramatically and finally merge in “Microsoft Dynamics” (or “Project Green”, who cares). Microsoft is moving to market vertical solutions and vertical Solution Centers. This mean they have to kill differentiation and competition between products as fast as possible. Most of the Prospects came through 2-3 implementations and realize that best technology does not mean anything without “Solution Center” that knows the industry. You can buy SAP, Oracle or any Microsoft products, BUT you will never implement without people who knows what they are doing. So Microsoft - GO FORWARD AND KILL COMPETITION BETWIN YOUR OWN PRDUCT LINES AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. IF MICFOSOFT WILL HAVE ONLY ONE PRODUCT WE WILL HAVE 3 TO 5 TIMES SHORTER SALES CICLE.

Hello, Let’s not forget Navision Financials (1995-1999 RIP). [:D] I have always just called it Navision, becuase its easier & being in Customer Services “Navision” can only mean one thing to the people who I work with.

Anyone to help me complete this list ? Navision DOS Navision Navigator (Not Released I think) Navision Financials Navision Solutions Navision Attain MBS Navision Microsoft Dynamics NAV … I think we are pretty much used to the changing of the name [:D]


Navision Navigator (Not Released I think) Navision Solutions
Originally posted by marq - 2005 Sep 08 : 09:53:12

Navision DOS was released as Navigator (in Denmark?) but they have had problems with an other brand name so they droped the name. Navision Solutions… was it 3.00/3.01? At least never officially released in south east asia.

PV Plus was the first name of the product, then followed by IBM Navigator. Then in Germany there was a company selling nautical navigation software that has the name, so Navision Germany decided to call it Navision. Navision then became the more accepted name. Iceland refused to use that Name so went with Fjordinor (sorry cant rememer the spelling) since it is necessary that all products sold in Ieland have a name that can not be pronounced by English speaking people. Then in 92/93, they did market research in the US that showed people calling Navision - NoVision, and their studies showed that they needed the Name sot start witn an “A” to get proper acceptance, thus Avista. When they went to Windows, they looked at products like Oracle, and saw the need to show that they had a Financial accounting program, and because of market penetration in Denmark, the new name was Navigator Financials, closely followed in Germany with Navision Financials. The name Avisat Financials can be found in Marlketing materials, but never made it tot he product. I dont know if Fjordinger Financials ever happened. Then with the 3.00 Windows product, they finally realized that Financials gives you a market limitation, in that users think just financials, thus 3.00 was released as Navision Solutions. Then followed Attain, whcih was just stupid. THen of course they went back to Navision, for a very short period before going to MBS Navision, and then to Microsoft Business Soltions Navision. Personally I agree with Val, (Actually Val, we had the same discussion with Attain) It really does not matter aout the name, but it needs to be simple, and most important, its got to stop changing. Dynamics is probably the best of a bad bunch, so why not.But I really hate the acronyms, they should use the full name. ut as Edward says, we will be installing “Green” or what ever in 5 years time, into a directory called “Navision”. So Marq, to add to your list. PC Plus (I think ver 1 and 2 -1987) IBM Navigator (ver 2.00 thru 3.04 1989) Navigator (ver 3.50 thru 3.56 1994) Navision (1990) Fjordinger (1990) Avista (1992) Navigator Financials (0.9 thru 2.6 1994) Navision Financials (1.0 thru 2.60 1995) Avista Financials (1.1 thru 2.60 1995) ??Fjordinger Financials (help me here) Navision Solutions (ver 3.00 2000) Navision Attain (ver 3.01 thru 3.10 2001) Navision (ver 3.60 thru 3.70 2003) MBS Navision (marketing name only) Microsoft Business Solutions Navision (4.00 xxx 2005) Microsoft Dynamics NAV (???) THATS A LOT OF NAMES !!!


It really does not matter aout the name, but it needs to be simple, and most important, its got to stop changing. Dynamics is probably the best of a bad bunch, so why not.But I really hate the acronyms, they should use the full name.
Originally posted by David Singleton - 2005 Sep 08 : 13:29:32

You’re right and actually, Dynamics has a nice ring to it. I would rate Microsoft Dynamics as a pretty decent name. But why not name the products Microsoft Dynamics Axapta and Microsoft Dynamics Navision?..

I would have though they are not putting the emphasis on Navision Great plains etc, as they want customers to buy into the “Dynamics option” as this is where they are going. 1 unified global product. Which is why i was slightly confused as to why they have decided to keep CRM seperate still!

You are right. It is a decent name. But it seems now in the coming years we may have more decent names. I am afraid at some time Microsoft may remove the Navision/Nav word from the Product name.


… at some time Microsoft may remove the Navision/Nav word from the Product name.
Originally posted by Sanjeev Baranwal - 2005 Sep 09 : 01:19:19

Sorry Sanjeev, I must disagree with you on this point, I think you should have said "…at some time Microsoft WILL remove the Navision/Nav word from the Product name. [:D]

Over time (let’s say 4 - 7 years or so) we will most certainly see the different products of today merge into one product. It will not be any big bang. And there will not be one replacing the others. Brick by brick will be shared among the products. My guess is that the alternative web based interface in 5.0 will be used in more than one product. In this perspective the dynamics-naming with just abbrivations of the old product names in the end makes sense. But now i’m only speculating again…