Need to convert UTCDateTime field to just Date in SSRS dialog


I have put a range field on the WHSLoadTable.LoadSchedShipUTCDateTimeFrom field in an SSRS Query. When I click on Select and provide a date range like 11/1/2018…11/20/2018, then it renders like 10/31/2018 08:00:00 pm … 11/20/2018 06:59:59 pm. Seems like it is converting to UTC DateTime equivalent? But our users would like to see the only date range they had put in the feild in the select screen. I am attaching the screenshots for a quick look.

They would like to see the date range as 11/1/2018…11/20/2018 in the shipping date range field on the dialogue and also on the report.

Any ideas how can I accomplish this?