Need to add extra field in packing slip

Hai to all,

I have one requirement like want to add extra field in packing slip

the extra field i want to add a content like ( REMARKS ).

In packing slip if i click ok to save on REMARKS after that i want to open In-queries button in that if i open packing slip button

i want to see REMARKS details in it while i saved it in packing slip…

Which part do you need help with? What’s the problem? In which version of AX?

Hai Martin Drab,

version is ax 2009

in packingslip i want to add new field called REMARKS .

my problem is how to update REMARKS field in purchase order form…

martin please find the attachment below i attached … in this i explain with screen shots … sorry for trouble

My requiments is I want to add a new field in packing slip field name is REMARKS…

Here I show the highlighted button name posting in left side . if I click packing slip in this button …?

In above picture I show u the process behind after I click packing slip in posting button…

In this picture below in lines field name REMARKS is apper next to packing slip …

Once I enter values in that field REMARKS it updated in packing slip form automatically .

For this wat will I do ??

After save the values in field REMARKS I move to inquiries in that I choose packing slip

In packing slip I want like this below fields all having details as like I want in REMARKS will updated the values which I entered in lines .

6560.Doc1.docx (768 KB)

6825.Doc1.docx (768 KB)

You have to add the field to both PurchParmLine and VendPackingSlipTrans tables. Then you just need to copy the value from PurchParmLine to VendPackingSlipTrans. I don’t remember the exact place in AX 2009; use cross-references or debugger to find it. If you really struggle with that, I’ll start a VM with AX 2009 and take a look.

You will also have to hide the field in PurchEditLines form if it’s not open for packing slip posting.

hai ,

I did the process like this only to add the fields and i get displaying fields in both tables and forms … but the values are not passing through in this fields … ( i want to add values in remarks means it will be automatically updated in packing slip form)

Yes, that’s exactly the moment when you should use cross-references and you would easily find the place where to implement your code.

Anyway, it’s PurchFormLetter_PackingSlip.writeJournalLine().

Here am mentioned below coding for writeJournalLine()…

for inserting a new field (Remarks).Pls Tell me is it Correct?

protected void writeJournalLine()



vendPackingSlipTrans.Qty = purchParmLine.ReceiveNow;
vendPackingSlipTrans.InventQty = updateNowInvent;
vendPackingSlipTrans.Remain = purchParmLine.RemainAfter;
vendPackingSlipTrans.Ordered = purchParmLine.RemainBefore;
vendPackingSlipTrans.PartDelivery = !(purchLine.PurchStatus == PurchStatus::Received &&
purchLine.PurchQty == vendPackingSlipTrans.Qty);
vendPackingSlipTrans.ValueMST = purchParmLine.lineAmountExclTax(vendPackingSlipJour.DeliveryDate);
vendPackingSlipTrans.InternalPackingSlipId = internalNumber;

//Here Am added this lines for Remarks,but it doesnot

vendPackingSlipTrans.Remarks = purchParmLine.Remarks;

if (purchTable.CurrencyCode)
vendPackingSlipTrans.ValueMST = Currency::mstAmount(vendPackingSlipTrans.ValueMST, purchTable.CurrencyCode,vendPackingSlipJour.DeliveryDate);



if (purchLine.salesLine().SalesType == SalesType::ItemReq)