Navision & Word Automation

I create a little tool for associating files with one document (Quote, Invoice, …) and i would like Word is in first plan on my screen … This is my source code : IF NOT(gintoption = 1) THEN lboo_newserver := FALSE // THE DEFAULT ELSE lboo_newserver := TRUE; // DEFAULT CHANGED TO IF CREATE(OLE_Automation_Word97,lboo_newserver) = TRUE THEN BEGIN Document_a_ouvrir := “Acces Fichier”; OLE_Automation_Word97.Visible := TRUE; OLE_Word97Document := OLE_Automation_Word97.Documents.Open(Document_a_ouvrir); ??? OLE_Automation_Word97.Activate() ??? END; Txs Fabrice

This is a portion of code I used for a mail merge. I dropped out the code that populated the mail-merge fields. Code: CREATE( wdApp ); wdApp.Visible := TRUE; wdDocs := wdApp.Documents; wdDoc := wdDocs.Add( QuoteDoc.Filename ); wdApp.ActiveDocument.Fields.Update; wdDoc.Activate(); wdDoc.PrintOut(); CLEAR( wdApp ); CLEAR( wdDocs ); CLEAR( wdDoc ); CA/Globals: Name DataType Subtype Length wdApp Automation ‘Microsoft Word 9.0 Object Library’.Application wdDoc Automation ‘Microsoft Word 9.0 Object Library’.Document wdDocs Automation ‘Microsoft Word 9.0 Object Library’.Documents Hope this helps, Michael