Navision 4.0 / Test / Service Comment Line problem

I asked this few months ago (on mibuso too) but nobody replied. So, maybe here I’ll be more lucky.

In Navision 4.0 (no SPs) we have a client that uses Service module and service comments.

I did a test on db and found cca 200 (now, it’s much bigger…) errors on table 5906 (Service Comment Line) and found out that Navision does not delete comment lines for non-posted documents after posting (though, it does create comment lines for that posted document).

In Nav 3.60 in this table, field No. is not “Table related” so, test goes through with no error, it seems that table relation is added with Nav 4.0.

I suppose that these comment lines should not be left behind but, I’m not sure…

Exactly the same problem is with Service Order Log (t5912) and relation with Service Header. In 3.60, table relation did not exist.

I don’t want to delete any log, so if I want to have clean successful test I will need to remove table relations from these tables.

Another table has same issue.

T5950 Service Order Allocation.

In SP2 I can see that for Service Order Log and Service Order Allocation tables, tableRelation fields are now empty and there is no problem at test.

Table Service Comment Line in SP2 still have comments left (and TableRelation set to numerous tables).