2 questions about Service Management on NAV 4

Hi, is there anyone experienced with Service Management area ?

I’m starting to work with it (in NAV 4.0) by a client who wants to put all the services done since the beginning of the year. Obviously these service ledger entries have already been invoiced, and the used spare parts have already been unloaded from the warehouse.

Question # 1 : how can I track the usage of a stock item (spare part) on a service order without posting the item ledger entry ? If I avoid to post the service invoice line, it doesn’t create the service/warranty ledger entry; if I post it, it generates the item ledger entry too !(the warehouse was previously unloaded in the sales area with a normal shipment)…

Question # 2 : these “old” service lines will be inserted leaving the flag “Chargeable” blank (since they have already been invoiced); however I noticed that NAV generates in any case an invoice with these lines with the amount set to zero; so I must set a No. Series for these “void” invoices used only to close the service orders, but the administrative personnel are not very happy to see all those customer and G/L entries…
The same problem happens for “internal” service activities (my client purchases used machinery, they do some maintenance works upon them, like changing old parts, etc., then they sell them as renewed machinery), since those services are not to be invoiced to the customer (which is the company themselves).
Is there an alternative solution ?

Thank you.

Navision, like just about every decent accounting system these days uses debits a credits to balance out entries. So if you want history, then you need to create entries.

1/ In the case above, a common solution, is to create a new LOCATION : HISTORY and put all the old service orders though this location. Make sure you have automatic cost posting switched off, and post your service orders. Then create a Physical Journal for location HISTORY, and set all the quantities to ZERO,a dn the Unit Cost to ZEOR, and post. Now run adjust inventory cost. This will null out all the entires, and since the values are zero, there will be no GL postings.

2/ Basically its the same as 1/ you need to create a GL account out of the normal region, and put all the history there. Wihtout knowing your clients business model, I can’t give exact details, but probably you will want o billt he service at zero amount so as not to double up statistics, if in fact these have already benn posted though another process.

In both cases though, the client needs to decide how much history they want to bring accorss, and be prepared that bringing history accorss means that there will be historical data in the ledgers.

Thank you, I think that creating a new location is a good solution for problem #1.

As regards the invoice, I’ve chosen the option “Unposted Sales Invoice” in the field “Default Invoice Document” in the Service Mgt. Setup. Then, when I post a service order, Navision creates a sales invoice not yet posted (modifiable).

If I delete all the lines on it, and then delete the header of the invoice itself, I obtain that the service order is completely posted, without any new invoice printed (that is good for the administration). I’ve seen that in any case, at this level, you are able to create an invoice again for this service order.
I’m just asking myself if those service ledger entries that remain “open” will cause any problem…

In the posted service ledger entry I’ve seen a field called “Prepaid” : where do you set this ? Could it be useful for me ? For example, if I tell Navision that the service invoice lines are prepaid, maybe it closes the service entries without making an invoice… I don’t know.