NAV 2015: Consuming Webservices, NAS and Azure

I am about to start building an integration with an external application using Web Services (or send POST xml files). NAV will consume and expose quite a few WS’s. The integration is supposed to be automatic and I plan to use a NAS service for this.

First I was thinking of using XMLDOM, XMLHTTP and XML ports to solve this, as many examples can be found around. But then I realized that NAS do not allow Automation/COM. Is this correct?
So, can the same thing be done with .NET system.XML and System.Net.HttpWebRequest?

.NET proxies can also be used. But the NAV solution might be used i Azure. I have no experience with Azure so I wonder if installing .NET libraies can be of a problem then. Anybody knows?

And is Azure and NAS a good solution?