Integrating data sent by a web service in Dynamics NAV 5.0

One of my customer wants me to Interface it’s custom made corporate application with MS Dynamics NAV 5.0

This is going to be my first interface using Web Services, I’m starting to investigate which technology that I will be using for the job :

Does XMLPort in combination with a NAS session are the right tools for the job …

What are the other alternatives ?

Happy new year 2008!

Happy new year!

What i understand from you that you want to connect to a web service from Nav. The best way in my opinion is by Nav integration with .net and .net is connecting to the web service.

Thanks for your input IMRAN, how would NAV and the .NET componenent would talk to each other ? MSMQ ?

You will need to use MSMQ,NAS and .NET Framework.

Read this post and follow link to Microsoft MSDN.