Nature of assessee is showing wrong value in TDS transactiodyn form

Hi All,

GL->Inquiries->India posted tax->with holding tax->TDS->

Made some entries to TAN,settlement period and withholding tax component group and

Some fields added from Available to selected group

1)Vendor Account

2)Nature Deductee

3)Nature of Assessee

4)PAN and pressed ok.

The TDS transaction form opened.The issue is …

One vendor’s nature of assessee is showing “company”.But in vendor master form in Tax information tab

nature of assessee of that vendor is showing “individual”.

Even after updating this nature of assessee from “individual” to “Farm”,it does not affect to this TDS transaction form.

When i filtered by field by vendor i found so many records respective to dates.

From where these data are coming and why that vendor 's nature of assessee is showing wrong value ?

Hi Satya,

Did you get the solution for this problem? i facing same issue