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can you explain the procedure how to calculate the TDS for a vendor in AX 4.0. and also where to assign the TDS payable account. any sort of help is appreciated.



Hi Srikant I think you can use withholding tax feature in Ax. for indian tds purpose Just go to help and learn about withholding tax procedure

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Hi Srikant, I hope u solved out ur problem. If no and If I get u right, u are talking abt tds calculation as in GL or in payment journal. If yes,u can ask me , may be I can help u a bit. bye Manish

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i am looking out for the tds calculation through payment journal…so can you pls help me out in this



Hi Srikanth,

Sorry for the late reply,

I hav worked in 3.0 for TDS calculation n I hope the setup remain the same in 4.0 also.

For calculation of TDS, first set the TDS Group and TDS Types with % in GL → setup → TDS. Also create a new Chart of Accounts for TDS CAlculation in GL.

After that, set the TDS Types in Vendor master in Indian Localization.

Then after set up the AP → Setup ->posting profile, here define the posting profile name and description and in setup tab, define the ledger account account where you want to hit for certain TDS type calculation.

If you didnt set up the posting profile for the vendor, U can select the TDS Type.Regarding that TDS Type in TDS Setup, there is a vendor authority account no on Overview tab of TDS Groups. Here u selects the vendor account no. In setup of posting profile, of vendors, u can define the posting profile of that TDS type with that vandor authority account no.

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thanks for ur reply…i wll work on that and then let you know