Nas configuration?

Hello, i am begginer, i made automatic action using job scheduler (wich calls report), but to do this job it seems that navision must be run. Now i want to do this using Nas, i installed it but now i do not know waht to do? I opend “NASMSnapIN-[Console rot\navision Application Server Manager]” but theer is nothing? how to make new job using NAS?

Follow this…

How To install a NAV Application Server (NAS)?

You need to do right click on the item “Navision Application Server Manager” and add a console entry for each installed NAS service. Please read the manual.

I do not have manual. what do i need to write in these two text box : (Host name and Service Name) ? I am very nube in navision

Follow the link above

i do not need nas instalation, i installed it now i want configuration

I stand corrected

Right click on “Navision Application Server Manager”, New, Application Server. A pop up window comes up asking you for Host Name and Service Name. If you are doing this on the machine that NAS is installed, for Host Name put localhost. If not then you will have to use either the computer name or IP of the computer it is installed on. For the Service Name you will have to find the name of the service as it is in the system. To do this goto to Services on the machine NAS is installed on. (Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services). Look for the installed application service, which may look something like this:

  • “Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic NAV60-Classic”


  • “Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic NAV60-SQL”

These relate to a NAV 2009 installation and by the icon in your graphic, your installation is not 2009, 4.x maybe. Anyway the text you need for the MMC Service Name is at the end of the "Application Server … " text. Yours will be different but should begin with “Application Server” and mention Navision or NAV and end in either “Classic” or “SQL”. Once you find the service name and enter it in the service identification window, clik OK and you should be ready to go. Close the MMC and save, then go back in and you’re set.

If not search for "Microsoft Business Solutions … " in your services.

Thanks I found Nas in servics but it is stoped, when i pressed Start it gets error:

Could not start the microsoft business solution-navision server Navitest-SQL service on Local computer.

Error: Incorrect function

Try starting NAS from a command prompt window. This will sometimes give a better error message.

You meaen start-run-cmd?

it need something like this yes?

nas appservername=nas1, servername=srv1, company="Cronus

International Ltd.", startupparameter=p

Yes, open a command windows first. Then type your NAS command and run it.


I run this command but it did not execute.

nas appservername=localhost, servername=localhost, company=“co-02”, startupparameter=“Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Application Server NAVITEST-SQL”

That’s an awful long startupparameter. I’d suggest reviewing the documentation.

When you say “it did not execute” what message are you getting? Do you go to the Application Server folder to run the command? Try adding the debug parameter to the command line run:

To activate the debugger from Navision Application Server, you include the debug
parameter at start-up:

nas debug,startupparameter=“test”,servername=PC0123
If you deactivate the debugger, you cannot activate it again unless you terminate
Navision Application Server and then start it up with the debug parameter.

To be able to activate the debugger, you must ensure that there is a developer license
file in the Navision Application Server installation folder.

Please post your NAS Settings from Registry. Key must be something like HKeyLocalMachine/CurrentControlSet/Microsoft/services/

I am sure you provide an incorrect startupparameter. The parameter you give must be processed in Codeunit 1 in Function 99 NASHandler. Also check that the user your NAS service is running has valid Windows Login in your database. A lot of possible errors …

I must copy developer license in this folder yes? “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Application Server” and after that run this command.

Run this code:

nas debug,startupparameter=“Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Application Server NAVITEST-SQL”,servername=localhost

Get this error in command promt:

‘nas’ is not recognized as an internal or external commnad, operable program or batch file