Nas configuration?

You need to be in the folder that contains NAS.EXE. Also if your database is SQL, you should be using NASSQL.EXE.

I pasted developer licence in that folder where nas.exe is and in same folder exists NASSQL.EXE. what can i do with NASSQL.EXE? I tried this code in command promt
(run/cmd) and i wrote:
‘nas’ is not recognized as an internal or external commnad, operable program or batch file

Is this correct syntax?
nas debug,startupparameter=“Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Application Server NAVITEST-SQL”,servername=localhost

Go here:

Open the one called ‘w1w1atas.pdf’ and study. All the answers to your questions are in there. Don’t worry if you are on another version than 5.0, the document applies to all versions.

SNSN, your syntax looks correct. The error you’re getting though (not a recognized command), means that the command line folder you are in does not have the NAS.EXE executable. Pay close attention to the text to the left of the blinking cursor. It should be that same path that you see in the Address bar of the Windows Explorer window.

I read manual, but i did not understand what to write in appservername=?

Don’t just scan for a keyword, but actually read and study the entire manual, everything is explained in there. appservername is the servername where NAS runs