MultiSelect Reference Group Control

hi people ,

i have ax 2012 R2 , Can I do MultiSelect in Reference Group Control …

Any suggestion ??!!

How should it work? How would you squeeze multiple RecId values into a single field?

Human resources/Common/Organization/Jobs–> In the JobTask Group → I want to Choose Multiple Jobtask To Be Added To HcmJobTaskAssignment , So i want These RecId 's To Add them By code One Shot .

jobTask Control is Reference Group . is there’s A way I Can Perform this ??

You didn’t answer my question, you merely made it more specific: How do you want to squeeze multiple task RecIds into a single HcmJobTaskAssignment.JobTask field?

It’s simply not possible. What you want is not a lookup for a field; you would have to implement completely different logic. You would need to select multiple HcmJobTask records and then create a new HcmJobTaskAssignment record for each of them.

Thanks martin .