How to create multiselect lookup in grid control in AX


I want to create lookup in grid field which will have multiselect option (multiple row selection).

I tried Syslookupctrl but is doesn’t work wth grid.

Is there any way to create same?



Hi Rahul,

just refer this link, It might Help u

Hi Rahul,

Follow this link, this will solve your problem of creating multiselection lookup.




I know this is already nearly 3 years old, but I’m having the exact same problem right now.

I want to create a lookup on a GRID field control with multi selection.
I also tried the above mentioned links, but nothing is working. With SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl class, I’m getting an AX crash when using for a GRID field control. Outside of grid, it is working fine.

Someone has an idea?

Kind regards

Hi Anon X,

For grid you must use SysLookupMultiSelectGrid class, not SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl.